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Joe Fiu owner of Loúka CrossFit

Joe Fiu


Talofa, Joe here one of the owners of Loúka CrossFit here in Lyall Bay. I have been in the fitness industry for over 13 years being a previous gym owner and then eventually acquiring CrossFit FRF in 2017 (re-branded to Loúka CrossFit in 2021). I am passionate about this community, I was born and raised here and love connecting with locals and welcoming new members to the area. I am passionate about CrossFit and the benefits it provides to your general health and fitness. CrossFit is constantly varied which allows us to continually challenge our members. It would be great to meet you and connect to see how we can help you in your fitness journey – Book in for a trial session

Georgie Cordalis coach at Loúka CrossFit

Georgie Cordalis


Hi ! I’m Georgina and I run the administration side of Loúka CrossFit. In 2021 I came on board as an owner with Joe and Maria, as we re-branded the gym in honour of my son Luca Cordalis-Stubbs whom we lost in October 2021. Luca was an inspirational young boy, he battled hard during the 3 1/2 years of his life and we represent his struggles with the heartbeat in the logo I designed in his honour. Luca is the best representation of the values and culture we want to set here, just come in, give it a go and live in the moment. It would be great to meet you and welcome you to our home.

Maria Cordalis coach at Loúka CrossFit

Maria Cordalis


Kia ora, Maria here! I love this community and how we have created an environment for members of all fitness levels to achieve and succeed. As owners, Joe, Georgie and I focus on connecting with our members and coaches to ensure we provide a great environment to train.

Olivia St Just coach at Loúka CrossFit

Olivia St Just

Head Coach

Liv started her CrossFit journey with Loúka as a Teen 4 years ago, coming from a Gymnastics background as an athlete and coach. She has since graduated to our general classes, being part of our Coaching Interns Programme and to date as our current Head Coach. Liv is an amazing athlete, being crowned the 3rd Fitness Teen in 2022 at NZ Nationals, and as well as being our leader, she works hard at continuing to learn and develop in this sport.

Al (Alex) Ryan coach at Loúka CrossFit

Al (Alex) Ryan


Al has grown from being a member, to being part of our Coaching Interns Programme and completing his CF-Level 1 certification. Al has an extensive training background and was a well-established amateur boxer in the UK. Al is always looking to learn and improve, he always wants to stay on top of his game and share his knowledge with the community.

Brydon Tweedie coach at Loúka CrossFit

Brydon Tweedie


One of the “OGs” of Loúka, Brydon (BT) was one of the very first foundation members and eventually one of the first coaches in the original intern programme.

Brydon is a CF-Level 2 coach, who is always prepared to deliver a high quality class. BT has a sporting background playing rugby back in Christchurch and in Wellington and has a background in sports administration with Rugby Union and League.

Aidan Martin coach at Loúka CrossFit

Aidan Martin


Aidan is a very experienced CrossFit coach who always enjoys a good powerlifting session.

Aidan has a very successful career as an Animation Supervisor for Weta FX, and balances his career with coaching and training at Loúka.

Sam Mabbott coach at Loúka CrossFit

Sam Mabbott


Sam is a Personal Trainer at Loúka as well as coaching our lunchtime classes. Sam runs a very successful SwimFit swimming school near the central city with his wife Natasha Hind.

He is a very experience coach, coaching across Wellington and in the UK.

Roger Reid coach at Loúka CrossFit

Roger Reid


Roger started as a member with Loúka 4 years ago and his enthusiasm to learn more about the sport of CrossFit lead him to enrol in our Coaching Interns Programme.
On completion of the course and the CF-Level 1 course, Roger has really settled into the coaching team and constantly looking at methods to best deliver high quality coaching to our members.

Rogers wife, son and daughter are all CrossFitters which gives the family a chance to workout together have a special bond as they get healthier and fitter together.

Atina Poloie coach at Loúka CrossFit

Atina Poloie


One of the “OG” members when Joe acquired Loúka CrossFit, Atina has recently come on board to the coaching team.

Atina and her family are the heartbeat of the community, with both her kids growing up in the gym as mum and dad train, and she manages her time as a coach, an Entreprenuer, a super mum.Coach Name
| Kiri Henare
Coach Bio
| Kiri has been part of the coaching team since 2021, starting as a member back in 2017 to now looking after our Express Classes.

She not only coaches and delivers accountability to her class whilst coaching, she is also in charge of spearheading our end of year Christmas celebrations – which is always a buffet breakfast and a Secret Santa, which is a Loúka tradition !

Kiri Henare coach at Loúka CrossFit

Kiri Henare


With over 10 years CrossFit experience, Kiri joined the coaching team in 2021 which enabled her to share her passion for connecting with people and CrossFit through coaching. Kiri spearheads our CrossFit Express classes, which keeps the members moving throughout the 45 minute class.

Josette Delgado coach at Loúka CrossFit

Josette Delgado


Josette started as a member with us back in 2018 and is a very experienced CrossFitter and Volleyball athlete from Texas, USA.

Josette has a passion for sports and runs her own Volleyball Academy alongside being a mum, a scientist, coaching at Loúka and finding time for her own training.

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